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Full-Face Mask

full face mask
Full face child mask



99.0% @ 0.1 micron

Full Face Mask
This Full-Face Mask protects the eyes, nose, mouth and much of the face. 
Comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
Small & Medium size have 2 versions: with and without option to use with glasses.
Large size fits most of glasses, it is one model suitable for people with and without glasses.
Mask Features



  • Easy to put on

  • Fits a wide range of faces

  • Transparent full face shield

  • Comfortable face seal

  • Easy communication through resonant transparent mask

  • Mask can be disinfected and reused

  • Filters are reusable/washable (for 500 hours of use)

  • After 500 hours a new filter module is easily installed

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