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This product is different from a conventional mask.

​Seals are important

This information sheet is provided as a courtesy in response to requests from customers.
It includes a list of the most frequently asked questions about the seals. 
Hopefully you will find it informative.
What is the big deal about seals?

Seals help prevent very small, potentially harmful particles from reaching your nose or mouth.

As such, seals are very important.

Where are the seals?

This mask assembly has 3 important seals:

seal inside filter housing

Filter Seal

This creates a seal between pleated filter frame and the filter cartridge. 


O-Ring Seal

This O-ring creates a seal between the two-stage filter cartridge and the mask frame. When you bayonet the filter cartridge onto a mask, you will feel a resistance created by the O-ring. When you engage the bayonet,you create compression on this O-ring and seal the mating parts. 

mask frame seal

Face Seal

This seals the mask to your face. Make sure to modify this seal if necessary for better compatibility to your unique face shape.

How to wear this mask correctly?

Correct Mask

Make sure that the mask you wear is a correct size for your face.  A mask is a personal item, over time the face foam seal will conform to your unique face (like memory foam shoes). The mask shouldn't be transferred from user to user.



Attach the bottom straps behind neck using buckles attached to the ends of the straps.

Tighten bottom straps by pulling on ends or loosen by pushing out on the sliders buckles.


Head Harness

Place the mask over nose and mouse, the bottom face seal of the mask will be wrapped around bottom of your chin. Pull the head harness over the crown of your head.



This mask is designed with people wearing glasses in mind. Your glasses won't fog if your wear mask correctly and you have a face seal.



For the best seal and comfort adjust length of harness straps (if needed) by pulling on ends to obtain a secure comfortable fit.


Grab bottom straps and pull them behind your neck.


Enjoy your day!



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