Face Mask with Shield


For added protection against spatter.

Why to wear a shield

Shield wearing for protection of the face and eyes is recommended or required for some activities and occupations. Bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, travel on relatively large respiratory droplets when people cough, sneeze, talk or exhale (according to the U.S. CDC).


Shields provide an extra layer of protection and are particularly helpful when in close contact with infected persons.


Why to wear this shield


The unique contemporary face shield protects the users face from droplets and is part of a system that includes a two-stage filtration (99.0% of 0.1 micron) and a comfortable seal around your nose and mouth which combine to reduce the risk from airborne contaminants (check this link for details). This mask and shield system is suitable for everyone including front line workers such as cashiers, waiting staff, sales staff, police, nurses, doctors, first responders, personal support workers, construction workers, and military personnel to name only a few.

Patented-pending shield attachment provides the user with more freedom and mobility without adding the complexity of extra straps on elastics members.  

The shield itself is attached on the outside of a seal between mask and filter housing.

The smooth exterior surface makes the shield easy to wipe and keep clean.

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