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Five important questions to ask about your mask or respirator:

1. How efficient is the media for the particle size against which I am trying to protect myself?

2. How good is the seal that separates my mouth and nose, or mouth and nose and eyes, from outside world infections? If the seal is good, do my glasses fog up when I breath? 

3. What happens if I reuse the mask that is meant to be disposable? 


4. Does my mask capture both particles breathed in and particles expelled? Meaning am I protecting not just me but also the people around me?

5. Where do I buy a mask for my child (a mask that fits)... ?

Filters and Seals
child with surgical mask

And... what happens to my lipstick if I wear a mask?

Five important answers for Omachron masks:

1. Omachron filtration system captures 99.97% of non-oil base particles as small as 0.33 micron.

2. The mask creates a seal around the mouth and nose or mouth and nose and eyes, depending on the model.

No more fogged glasses!

No more small particles that sneak in around the edges!

3. Filtration system can provide over 150 hours of use and the filter cartridge is replaceable. Minimizes the demand for continued supply of PPE and the amount of waste that goes to landfield.

4. The system offers two-way particle capture, protecting both the user and the people around them.


5. Omachron has small size masks suitable for children approximately 8 years old and older, providing all the benefits of the larger sizes.


And... due to solid construction of the mask and its unique shape, the lipstick stays on and isn't damaged by the mask!

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