When choosing a mask there are many important questions to ask yourself. Some of the key questions include;

  • Is it effective at capturing bacteria, viruses and other microscopic particles that can pose a risk to your health?

  • Is it easy to wear?

  • Is it easy to breathe through?

  • who is the person wearing the mask?

The Omachron mask is:

99.97% efficient against particles as small as 0.33 micron  It is HEPA level filtration, which provides a minimum filter efficiency of 99.97% against non-oil base particles.

Provides bi-directional filtration

Our mask filtrates the air you breath in, and the air you breath out.


Fan-assisted air flow makes breathing easy provides a constant stream of fresh air and eliminates buildup of moisture and CO2. Masks maybe used without fan as well.

Transparency of the mask allows to see the entire face and facial expressions, makes it easy to be seen, heard and identified without breaking the seal.




Omachron Delta Inc. is a member of the Omachron® family of companies.

All Omachron products are based upon a pool of hundreds of granted and pending patents developed at Omachron over the past 41 years and include extensive work in air filtration, water purification and manufacturing.




This mask was developed by a group of scientists, engineers and technicians with over 300 person years of scientific experience and expertise in particle separation, air and water filtration, and disinfection technology. 

The design objective was to develop a mask that could capture 99.97% of bacteria, viruses and other microscopic particles as small as 0.33 micron, both breathed in and expelled out, while being comfortable to wear and as easy to breath through as not wearing a mask.




Omachron offers

  • face masks,

  • face masks with a shield,

  • fan-assisted air-flow module,

  • light-assisted mode and more.


Omachron masks don't prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition, including COVID-19.

Furthermore, please remember that use of face masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. 

PPE does not reduce the hazard itself nor does it guarantee permanent or total protection, for more information on this topic, visit this link.

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